Abnormal Spine Curvature and Care

Abnormal curvature of the spine is looked at as a deformity or disorder. There are three main types of spinal curvature.

·         Scoliosis: The most common type of spinal curvature. It is viewed as excessive sideways curvature of the spinal column.

·         Kyphosis: This type is described as an excessive outward curvature of the back  resulting in a hunchback.

·         Lordosis:  This is characterized as a forward curvature of the spine most commonly in the lumbar section of the spinal column.

At San Diego Spine & Rehab we can help you overcome your pain and get back on your feet. Spinal Manipulation is most typically used to treat these different types of abnormal curvatures. Spinal adjustments are used to help relocate the spine and relieve pain. Chiropractors do not use any surgical or invasive methods to treat the curvatures.

To be sure you see a certified chiropractor, visit our professionals at San Diego Spine & Rehab. This way you can ensure the spinal manipulation is done correctly and risk-free. Typically an X-Ray or MI will be used to diagnose the spinal curvature. Once confirmed the chiropractor may now use gentle force to readjust the spine within in range. This is why it is crucial to see a skilled and professional chiropractor.

After a few sessions the spine is restored to its natural alignment. This prevents nerve compression, results in good posture, pain relief, decrease in muscle tension, stiffness, and helps maintain a healthy body. Many believe that when the spine is properly positions it allows the body to have the ability to heal on its own and increases the ability of the immune systems leading to a high chance or prevention against diseases.

If you are in need or a physical therapist – look no further. Call San Diego Spine & Rehab today so we can pave a path to recovery!



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