Preventing Stress through Chiropractic

Typically, the average person experiences a fair amount of stress through their lifetime and for most it’s very difficult to prevent. Stress can easily slow somebody down and hinder their daily performance. Stress is a natural (and healthy) human reaction but if its becomes severe it can lead to other diseases and illnesses.

Many people see chiropractic as a way of healing but can also be used when there is no physical issue. Chiropractic can be used in many different ways to prevent stress – so don’t fret! When you come to your first visit at San Diego Spine & Rehab our chiropractor will assess you by asking you to identify the risk factors and other contributing reasons that can spike your stress levels. If the patient also has some physical issues our chiropractor may feel the need for laboratory exams.

One your chiropractor has decided a course of action, it’s time to go. The main technique your chiropractor may do is spinal manipulation. This technique is great because it can be used both as a preventative measure for future ailments but also as a mean of healing. During the treatment the chiropractor will maneuver the spine to locate the proper alignment of the spine.

back pain

The spine is looked at as one of the most important pieces to your entire body and will benefit your health and wellness. The spine supports the body and protects the spinal cord where every second there are millions of neural impulses being sent to and from the brain. Assuring that these impulses are traveling smoothly it’s a key element to preventing stress. If your spine is happy and healthy your nervous system can work at its very best.

Another method to prevent stress is a massage. Activating your muscles through stimulation can allow the body to relieve itself of stress. Many patients exclaim how relaxing a chiropractic session can be. There are a few other techniques that may be used to relieve stress such as soft needling, therapeutic exercise, electro-physiotherapy, and many others. To top this all off your chiropractor can also help set a plan after the session including health teaching, lifestyle modification, and even diet. All of these tools can be implemented to live a life with less stress.


Our office is comprehensive and provides an extensive diagnostic and therapeutic range of services. Our specially-trained staff has one goal in mind – to relive you of pain and discomfort. We want to help. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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