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The Benefits of Prenatal Extended Manual Therapy

What is Prenatal Extended Manual Therapy? Prenatal Extended Manual Therapy relaxes tense muscles, eases sore spots, improves circulation and mobility, and just makes you feel good! Most importantly, it’s tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies, so our licensed therapists adjust their techniques accordingly. How do I lie down on the table? Some women find it uncomfortable to lay face down right from the start of pregnancy because of their tender, swollen breasts. Also, you can’t lay face down on the traditional massage table because your belly button has started to grow or protrude. On … Continue reading

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Headaches:Where Do They Come From?

Here at San Diego Spine and Rehab, we use the Integrated approach to bring relief to our patients for a myriad of issues that cause pain and inhibit them from their daily activities. Did you know, there are 7 Primary Contributing Factors to Headaches and Pain? 1. Musculoskeletal Imbalance: Musculoskeletal headaches are also commonly referred to as tension headaches.   Musculoskeletal, or tension headaches are caused by stress on the nerves where the skull meets the very base of the neck. 2.Postural Distortion: Postural distortions lead to underdevelopment of the supporting muscles, which causes their weakening. As a result, headaches frequently … Continue reading

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