San Diego Chiropractor Foot Pain Treatment

Foot Pain

The foot, like the hand, contains many joints, bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments, all of which must be working in concert in order to avoid foot pain. Wearing shoes, although obviously necessary, also restricts normal movement of many of these joints in the foot and without proper care can lead to foot problems and even arthritic changes within the foot itself. Women who wear high-heeled shoes or excessively tight shoes are at a much greater risk for developing foot problems, as well as ankle, knee, hip and low back problems due to the uneven weight distribution caused by heels. Problems in the foot that are not addressed also frequently lead to altering the way we walk in order to decrease pain, which often leads to secondary problems in the knees and lower back.

How do we treat foot pain?
At San Diego Spine & Rehab, we offer a comprehensive team approach unique in San Diego. Our board-certified San Diego physical therapists work with our expert physicians, neurologist and chiropractors to manage your foot pain and solve the underlying cause. The team at San Diego Spine & Rehab approaches your healthcare from every angle to provide an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan. If you are experiencing foot pain, please call or email us today to make an appointment.