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What is Sciatica/Leg pain?

It is an irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve. The symptoms, since you are reading this, are probably something you intimately understand and you could describe yourself very well…

Low back pain that radiates into the buttock
Lancinating thigh and leg pain-from the buttock down to the calf and possibly into the foot. May or may not involve the back of the thigh.
Leg/foot numbness
Leg/foot pins and needles
Burning pain and hyper sensitivity on the skin
Cramping in the thigh, leg or foot
Weakness of muscles in the thigh, leg or foot
Foot drop- causes unusual tripping
Decreased hamstring flexibility
The sciatic nerve starts at the spine and has a contribution from 5 different nerve roots. These nerve roots, after leaving the spine from 5 different locations, come together in the deep buttocks (close to a muscle we call the piriformis muscle) to form one thick nerve bundle…we call this bundle of nerves, the sciatic nerve.
Symptoms vary from person to person because injuries or conditions can affect one or more of these 5 nerves that go to different parts of the buttock, thigh, leg and foot.
Irritation or compression to the sciatic nerve occurs most commonly at either the place where the nerve root exits the spine or where the nerve bundle forms close to the piriformis muscle. Remember that there are 5 contributions to the sciatic nerve, so irritation or compression can occur at any of the 5 different levels.
The most common reason for one of these 5 nerves to get pinched, especially for people between the ages of 20-65, is an injury to the intervertebral disc.

How We Treat Sciatica/Leg Pain?

Because Sciatica can involve poor muscle support, spinal alignment, loss of normal low back curve (bad posture), spinal flexibility along with the other factors discussed above - an effective treatment program must address each of these problems. It must be obvious so you now why; spinal surgery is just not the best choice for most sciatica patients.

Our Sciatica nerve treatment and Rehabilitation Program should not be confused with other spinal decompression programs. At San Diego Spine & Rehab, we know how to treat Sciatica. Our multidisciplinary approach incorporates state-of-the-art medical technology using Non-surgical spinal decompression, the finest healthcare expertise and comprehensive physical therapy to return you to a pain-free and active lifestyle.
Our physicians and chiropractors specialize in treating sciatica and the disorders that cause pain. Our physical therapists are experts in rehabilitation and will help you learn how you can help yourself recover from sciatica. Whatever the cause of your back pain, the professionals at San Diego Spine & Rehab will diagnose and treat it using cutting-edge technology and the finest medical attention.
If you are experiencing lower back pain associated with sciatica pain, please contact us to help relieve your pain and cure its cause.
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