July is in Full Swing at SDSR!

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July has arrived, and we have all kinds of fun happening in both of our offices to enjoy it!

We look forward to it every year, and we know our patients do, too! The Cooler Full of Fun is an amazing variety of games, snacks, and toys to really take advantage of the Summer months! It’s easy to win, too! For every appointment you keep, you will receive ONE ticket into the raffle! For every friend you refer in as a New Patient, you’ll get an additional FIVE tickets into the raffle! We get really excited about this, so don’t be surprised if our staff awards you extra tickets during your appointment for a job well done!

Oceanside Cooler Full of Fun! Find it in the front lobby!

Mission Valley Cooler Full of Fun!

The new Playroom calendars are out too, with lots of fun for your little ones on Fun Fridays!

Mission Valley Playroom Calendar-July 2014

Oceanside Playroom Calendar-July 2014

We can’t wait to see what you and your little ones come up with! Let’s have some fun this month!

We were very honored and excited last month to receive word from Yelp! that we are creating a buzz in the community! Have you gone online to share your experience yet?

SDSR Mission Valley on Yelp!

SDSR Oceanside on Yelp!

 That’s all for now, but we can’t wait to see you at your next appointment (and give you some tickets)!

We wish you and your family a Happy 4th of July, and hope that you enjoy your holiday!

Headaches:Where Do They Come From?
Posted on April 17, 2014 by admin
Here at San Diego Spine and Rehab, we use the Integrated approach to bring relief to our patients for a myriad of issues that cause pain and inhibit them from their daily activities.

Did you know, there are 7 Primary Contributing Factors to Headaches and Pain?

1. Musculoskeletal Imbalance: Musculoskeletal headaches are also commonly referred to as tension headaches.   Musculoskeletal, or tension headaches are caused by stress on the nerves where the skull meets the very base of the neck.

2.Postural Distortion: Postural distortions lead to underdevelopment of the supporting muscles, which causes their weakening. As a result, headaches frequently occur.

3 .Lack of blood to the area: Some migraines or headaches can be related to blood vessels. Studies have shown that people who suffer from migraines typically have blood vessels that overreact to various triggers.

4. Trigger Points: The common headache is a very good example of unrecognized trigger point “referred pain.” Check out our previous post all about Trigger Points.

5. Nerve Compression and entrapment: If you describe your headache as located in the back of the head and the neck, this suggests a ‘cervicogenic’ headache or a compression (also called ”pinching”) of the occipital nerve(s). Movement of the neck is restricted, especially in the upper part of the neck, causing headaches.

6.Nutrition: Your arteries are affected by insulin. If the food you eat is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, then the pancreas has to respond with a strong hit of insulin. The sudden drop in blood sugars seems to encourage the arteries in the head to constrict, causing headaches. There are some main foods/food products that have been linked to contributing headaches: Monosodium glutamate (MSG)-a common flavor enhancer, but also found naturally in such foods as tomatoes. Nitrites-these preservatives are found in processed meats and some cheeses. Also, Amines-common compounds found in a wide range of foods, including spinach, tomato, potato, small whole fish, tuna, liver, dark chocolate and alcoholic drinks.

7. Emotional State: There are three primary types of stress that contribute to headaches. There is a) Emotional Stress, which is significantly impacted by your day-to-day life by way of relationships, job stress, financial stress, etc. When these types of stresses occur, your body tenses up, often contributing to headaches. There is also b) Physical Stress, which can be attributed to the way you sit at your desk/computer, how you drive your vehicle, etc. In that constant position, your head is flexed forward in a “forward head posture” position, and when the head goes in front of the shoulders, this pulls and causes the muscles and ligaments at the base of the skull to tighten up. Physical Stress can also be related to trauma, such as a motor vehicle collision, a slip and fall, or sports injuries. Lastly, there is c) Chemical Stress. Chemical stress can be a result of things like smoking cigarettes, intake of too much caffeine, imbalanced diet, certain medications, or taking drugs into your system. Typically, anything you put into your body that isn’t designed to be there will put stress on the nerves at the base of the neck. All of these Chemical Stresses can cause muscles and ligaments to tighten up.

San Diego Spine and Rehab can HELP! Our Integrated Medical Office has effective and affordable treatment options to relieve your pain. We accept most insurance plans!

Call today to schedule your Complimentary Consultation, so that we can help you with a Treatment Plan designed to help you not only manage the pain from headaches, but learn how to maintain great pain relief results! You can reach our Mission Valley office at (858) 573-0550 and Oceanside office at (760) 630-8400.

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Complimentary Child Care!
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We know how crazy life can be. It’s hard to commit to a treatment plan that integrates so many beneficial therapies, and we try to alleviate your stress a bit further by offering complimentary child care to our patients and their families.

How Does It Work?

Our play room is available for you whenever you have a scheduled appointment. Here, you can rely on a safe, fun, and adjacent way to ensure that you get the care you need without worrying about the added hassle of finding child care to keep your appointments!

We ask that you fill out an emergency card on your child’s’ first visit, and from that point forward our Playroom staff will have you sign your child In/Out at each visit.

Oceanside Playroom

Meet Miss Jessica(and her daughter, Summer):

 Jessica joined the SDSR family in April of 2011 as a child care provider in the Oceanside playroom. Since then, she has had the pleasure of working with many wonderful families from North County and Camp Pendleton. A certified lactation educator, she has a passion for babies, pregnancy, and childbirth. You can usually find her joyfully baby wearing with her Moby Wrap and Sasha ABC Wrap.
When she is not in the Playroom, Jessica enjoys going to the beach and kayaking with her husband and daughter. She also loves to do crafts in her spare time. Her favorite foods are tacos, sushi, avocados, and ice cream. Stop by the Playroom and say hi!

Check out the Oceanside Child Care Policy:
Mission Valley Playroom:

Meet Miss Jenny:

Miss Jenny’s love of working with children began at 3 when her brother was born, and she refused to leave his side.  At 12 she began babysitting and assisting with dance classes at her local studio in the mid~west where she grew up.  By the time she was 15 she was teaching her own dance classes and choreographing for her studio’s yearly recitals, and later on doing competition pieces.  Miss Jenny attended the University of Iowa, majoring in psychology and minoring in dance, and taught a year of preschool in addition to a few more years of dance.  While in San Diego, she has pursued her love of taking dance lessons, and became a student and teacher of numerous circus arts.  Two years ago she began working with SDSR in the playroom, and became department head this January.  Through her renewed love of working with children she has decided to begin a Masters of Science in Psychology degree this summer, with an emphasis on Applied Behavior Analysis and working with Autistic children.    

Check out the Mission Valley Child Care Policy:

Our child care staff will give you a copy of this policy on your initial visit to the Playroom. You can also find a copy in your blue New Patient Folder you typically receive when you begin care. Please feel free to ask for a copy, if you’re ever in need!

In addition to providing a safe and fun environment for your children, our Playroom hosts Themed “Fun” days each week! We encourage your kids to participate in themes like “Crazy Hat Day” or “Disney Pajama Parties!”

Questions or concerns? Don’t hesitate to stop in the Playroom and ask, or give us a call! We are here to help!

Mission Valley Office: (858) 573-0550

Oceanside Office: (760) 630-8400

We can’t wait to see you (and your little ones) at your next appointment!

Taping and Strapping…What Is It?!
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You may have seen some bright-colored bandages around the office…and you’re not crazy! It’s not just a new trend, it’s a new treatment option available in our offices to offer you, our patient another means of relief!

What is Taping/Strapping?

Taping/Strapping involves taping over and around muscles and joints in order to assist and give support, prevent over-contraction, or to facilitate and correct the affected muscle or joint problem.

What makes this different from traditional taping?

Light, thin, breathable and flexible material makes it comfortable, and easy to wear
It mimics the human skin
It is water-resistant and wicks away moisture (shower, swimming, exercise)
Convolutions are created to lift dermis and epidermis
Latex free and hypo-allergenic
Applications last 2-5 days
What is it used for?

Tendonitis and Bursitis
Muscle Imbalance
Myofascial Trigger Points
Muscle cramps or soreness
Jumpers Knee
…and many other afflictions!These are just a mere few!
If you’d like more information about Taping/Strapping, feel free to ask for one of our handouts in the office! They go over these details, as well as expectations you want for application, removal, precautions, and contraindications if you’re considering Taping/Strapping for your concerns.

Already a patient? Talk to the Medical Staff about whether Taping/Strapping could be an option for you, and we can add it to your treatment plan!

Not a patient yet? Call, email, or come on by to schedule your complimentary consultation to see if Integrated Medicine and Taping/Strapping can help your symptoms! You can even schedule your appointment through our website!

We can’t wait to see you at your next appointment!

Fab Abs, Fun Fridays, and MORE!
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Happy Friday!!

We are busy putting up the Valentine’s Day decorations and having a Fun Friday in our offices!

Looks the the Oceanside office Playroom is having a blast with the Jersey Day theme, and they even found cool football hats!

Some of the lovely Playroom Ladies and Babies!

Stay tuned here on the blog, and on the official SDSR Facebook Page for more fun photos, and to keep up with the Fun Friday schedule of events! We can’t wait to see you and your little ones in the office, and we really enjoy your participation!! Here is the Fun Friday line-up, if you haven’t caught it yet!

Oceanside Office
Mission Valley Office

Don’t Forget! The Soup and Bean Drive for The Angels Depot starts on Monday, FEbruary 4th!! 40 Cans= 1 FREE Massage Certificate!
And remember, every friend and loved one you refer into the office gets you one entry to win the Valentine’s Day Basket! We will be posting photos of the baskets next week, and they’ll be on display in the lobby, as well!!

We here at SDSR are all about the pursuit of health and wellness….and how did the Oceanside staff decide to kick off February? Well, with Fab Ab February workouts, of course!!

Getting ready for Summer so soon? :)

Interested in following along with the Fab Abs February Calendar that Dr. Ashley put together for us? Well, here you go!
Should be interesting! The Oceanside crew will be doing it each morning! Can’t wait to see some results!

That’s all for now, but be sure to check back next week for more! We have lots of exciting and educational things to share!

February Fun Fridays!
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Hey Everyone!

February is almost here!

As promised, we have the February Fun Schedules for the playroom in each office. We encourage you and your little ones to come join the fun with us!

Mission Valley Office

Oceanside Office

Don’t FORGET!! You have until Thursday to get your friends and loved ones into the office for a chance at the 0 Visa Gift Card!
If you haven’t already received a flyer, you can pick one up at the Front Desk!

…and after you’re done stacking up your chances for that extra money in your pocket, get ready for one of the BEST contests EVER!
Yup, you read that right! Every referral gets you a chance to win the amazing Valentine’s Day Basket (look for it near the front desk, soon!) and on top of that?! 40 cans of soup or beans gets you a ONE HOUR MASSAGE CERTIFICATE! Massage certificates definitely come in handy for after you have reached the Maintenance phase of care, or a great way to treat yourself or spouse to a relaxing treat! Happy Valentines Day, indeed! Besides, every single item we collect goes to The Angels Depot (remember the Holiday can drives we did with them?)!! You can learn more about The Angels Depot, and why we love helping them so much at their website!

We look forward to all the fun we have planned in February, and we thank you in advance for your generosity! As always, here at SDSR, there is NO greater compliment than your referrals!


That’s it for now, but as always….

We can’t wait to see you at your next appointment!
Military Appreciation…and Happy Monday!
Posted on January 14, 2013 by admin
Can you believe that January is already almost half over?

Here at San Diego Spine and Rehab, we are grateful to be of service to everyone who walks in our doors. We are also honored to be of service to our Active Duty Military members.

SDSR is a company that believes in Military Appreciation, and we wanted to take a moment to let everyone know about our Military Appreciation Program!

Look for these fliers in your local office, and feel free to share them with your Military friends and family!

Just like the flyer says, every Thursday, we are proud to offer Active Military members:
Free New Patient Exam
Free X-rays, if indicated
Free Chiropractic adjustment
We know the value of having an exam that provides the opportunity for close review, and education, concerning your integrated physical medicine needs. We are here to be a resource for the Military community, to help everyone get better! Can’t make it on Thursday? Call your local office and speak to one of our friendly staff members; We will do our best to work with your schedule and get you in for your complimentary exam! Our offices are open from 9am-12pm and 3pm to 7pm, so that we can accommodate even the toughest work schedules.
We look forward to seeing you for your complimentary exam soon, and we thank you for your service! :)

Did you know?

SDSR is here to help with all types of cases that require the services of Integrated Phyiscal Medicine.
We are here for you!
Work Injuries, Car Accidents, Sports Injuries, and even regular headaches….let SDSR help you achieve the be the healthiest you this year!

That is all for now, but as always, we thank all of our amazing patients for making us a part of their healthy and happy lifestyle! We look forward to spending more of 2013 with you!
See you at your next appointment